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Ron Davis with David

"Going to Evelyn has really helped me improve my reading and writing. I enjoyed going to Evelyn, because it is fun to learn with her. Also I very much liked the opportunity to go and meet Ron Davis, because his method has really helped me get through my years at school."

Feedback and Testimonials

Children (Adults below)

Although a long time ago, you may remember working with Nicole. I wanted to let you know she is now ... (more)

I found the course very interesting and enjoyed it very much. I found it very useful to know how to... (more)

The Davis programme really helped me. In a week, it helped me enough that I could get into the scho... (more)

When George came for a Davis programme in 2013 he was completely blocked when it came to writing any... (more)

Following the programme I am now able to sleep when I want to (or sometimes play quietly in my room ... (more)

We had put our son Finn through a number of different Dyslexia tutoring once if became apparent that... (more)

Reading is better. Since I came for the programme I have read a whole book without using the coloure... (more)

Before I was just like Ben Kenobe human, but now I'm like Ben Kenobe ghost! It's been a lot better. ... (more)

In the 8 months since Christopher did the programme his ability to sit down and focus on a task has ... (more)

I'm just writing to say thanks for helping me to overcome my dyslexia. I have just passed very well... (more)

I have definitely stopped going off in my own little world and the tools really work for me. I ha... (more)

The thoughts of a parent ... Our main aim on sending our son Charlie (aged 8) on the Dyslexia Pro... (more)

I am able to get all my ideas down for a story in a short time now, I can do it and I enjoy it. I... (more)

Ben has just got his school report and he is above average in ALL his subjects! He has jumped ove... (more)


It was fun to be at Evelyn's. It has changed my balance and it has changed my writing, because I pu... (more)

The Davis Course has really helped me. Writing is getting easier for me. In general stuff is better.... (more)

The programme has helped me sort out my life and the problems that I had with it, everything has see... (more)

Victoria is 9 years old, she is a bright, outgoing little girl. Although most activities like sport ... (more)

I use my Davis tools lots - all the time really. It has made me a bit more friends and it's helped ... (more)

It has changed our life, and Thomas's most importantly. It has changed the way we look at life. ... (more)

Within a day or so of attending the programme James's own self confidence grew tremendously. Having ... (more)

At school, I always go on point, I need to so I can write. I write more words and more lines in a p... (more)

I am writing to thank you for all you have done for Josh. When I first approached you I was at de... (more)

After I did the course I found I don't get in that much trouble any more. I can be really good with... (more)

I don't worry about maths anymore. When the teacher points at me, I don't feel all tense and worri... (more)


I have found working with Evelyn an absolute pleasure. It has been surprisingly eye-opening for me,... (more)

Evelyn has made a huge impact on the way I now approach the English language. It is now becoming som... (more)

I have just started Symbol Mastery again after 3 months, I have modelled over one hundred and fifty ... (more)

At the most practical level, the Davis programme has made me realise the importance of focussing my ... (more)

For years I thought the way that I looked at the world was no different than anyone else. However I ... (more)

I'm more centred now, more aware of what's going on around me. I'm much more aware of time. I have... (more)

The Davis programme is the best thing I've ever done! It has helped me to be a lot more focussed ... (more)

Being Dyslexic, you probably would not read this, or so you think. But reading this might change yo... (more)

I decided to do the Davis programme because I wanted to get promoted at work, which I thought meant ... (more)

Since I started the Davis Program I have noticed that my writing has become more fluid, I am not bei... (more)

The Davis programme has given me a tremendous amount of confidence in my own abilities to tackle di... (more)

EVELYN WHITE guided me through this method for using dyslexia to make improvements in my reading abi... (more)

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