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Ron Davis with David

"Going to Evelyn has really helped me improve my reading and writing. I enjoyed going to Evelyn, because it is fun to learn with her. Also I very much liked the opportunity to go and meet Ron Davis, because his method has really helped me get through my years at school."

Feedback and Testimonials

At the most practical level, the Davis programme has made me realise the importance of focussing my attention at particular moments in order to accomplish things as well as possible.  I have learnt that I do rush things and sometimes I must not.

So far as other benefits are concerned (comprehension of text and recognition of my preferred way of interpreting the world) these are more difficult to quantify because they have become embedded at a deeper level.

Overall I am very grateful for the opportunity to understand these important issues of comprehension and communication and it will aid me in my role as a Vicar and Community Leader.

Rev. N.W., Surrey
5 months after his programme
October 2008

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