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Ron Davis with David

"Going to Evelyn has really helped me improve my reading and writing. I enjoyed going to Evelyn, because it is fun to learn with her. Also I very much liked the opportunity to go and meet Ron Davis, because his method has really helped me get through my years at school."

Feedback and Testimonials

I have just started Symbol Mastery again after 3 months, I have modelled over one hundred and fifty words, I have read two books and the great thing is, I have started to find my spelling improving (I could spell 'article' straight off and 'skyscraper' with only the middle s and the r at the end missing also 'magazine' with e instead of a). I won't list all of them, but six months ago I would not have even tried.

Writing has improved so much as well, even I like the look of my letters!!

I hope to finish the modelling soon, as I want to start writing! in the next six months.

Simon R.
8 months after his programme
July 2012

My reading and writing has improved a lot, and I'm much more confident. I've slowed my reading down so that I can read each word and not just skim across the whole paragraph and guess. I'm much more confident in my writing and in how it looks before, that was always stopping me. I can choose to write in capitals or small letters now.

I've become a lot calmer, I have a different outlook on life, it's better than it's ever been. It's helped me to be more calm and relaxed when things are stressful. I can deal with things easier.

Simon R. aged 50, from Feltham
2 months after his programme
January 2012

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