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Ron Davis with David

"Going to Evelyn has really helped me improve my reading and writing. I enjoyed going to Evelyn, because it is fun to learn with her. Also I very much liked the opportunity to go and meet Ron Davis, because his method has really helped me get through my years at school."

Feedback and Testimonials

It was fun to be at Evelyn's. It has changed my balance and it has changed my writing, because I put my dial to five and I put hands on shoulders.* I used to hate writing but now I like to write and I write a lot. I am happier now.

David, aged 7, from Woking
Two months after his programme
June 2007

David's mother says:

My son David's life has been transformed through the course he did with Evelyn. He is now completely happy again and loves going to school again. His dyslexia is no longer a burden. He was very young when he did the course, not quite seven yet, and Evelyn adapted the course to suit his age. The results were there straight away, from day one. This is the best thing we could have done for David!

The Davis method is the only method that explains why people have different symptoms and they all lead back to the same cause. Also, the course is very pragmatic and gives each individual the tools to deal with their way of thinking, so that it doesn't hinder them in any way ever again.

I am so enthusiastic about it, that I have referred several of my friends' children to Evelyn and my older son Robert is due to do the course with her next month. If anybody would ever doubt the success of the course, look no further! Also, the course is worth every penny and more! I'll be for ever grateful to Evelyn for changing all of our lives.

*Optimising energy levels and gaining orientation using Davis methods

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