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Ron Davis with David

"Going to Evelyn has really helped me improve my reading and writing. I enjoyed going to Evelyn, because it is fun to learn with her. Also I very much liked the opportunity to go and meet Ron Davis, because his method has really helped me get through my years at school."

Feedback and Testimonials

Ben has just got his school report and he is above average in ALL his subjects!

He has jumped over 2 years for his writing, now a 4C, which is the level of an 11 yr old. His reading is at a 5C which is the level of a 14 yr old. And he is still 10!

The year overall has not been great as his teacher had been ill for most the year and they only brought in proper cover in May. Some parents have been complaining as their child has not been progressing. The new (fill in) teacher had to go and check with his previous Yr 4 teacher as he had progressed so much. She could not believe it: from a 2A to a 4C!

The amazing thing is that we do not do any extra work with him; the spellings are done once and he has it. He is still quite messy but I know he can be neat if he has to!

Thank you again, I am not sure where we would be without having done the course with you.

Ben, now aged 10, 2+ years after his programme, July 2010

Ben is continuing to improve with his reading. At the last assessment he was at 'SAT' level 4C, which a child 2 school years ahead would be expected to achieve!

14 months after his programme, April 2009

Just an update to say that Ben is doing extremely well with his reading, so much so that the headmistress of his school, along with his form teacher, wanted a chat to talk about the course as his reading age has jumped up!

His spellings are fantastic, he now gets them all correct, there are 8 or so each week and the picture way you suggested is spot on and easy for him.

For his 'sats' his mark for reading is what it should be for his age, which is great! He reads so much now in bed, and sometimes for over an hour after he has gone to bed!

Ben, aged 8, from Godalming
6 months after his programme
July 2008

Just to say thank you again for the course, Ben has really enjoyed it and it is such a relief to us as parents to be able to help Ben in the best way possible! Ben now reads for pleasure, and where he used to argue about doing any sort of literacy homework, he now gets on with it. His teacher is also amazed at the improvement in his spellings. Thank you Evelyn for all your work with Ben and for your support not just to Ben but to us as parents!

Ben, aged 8, from Godalming
2 months after his programme
April 2008

Read on for the details ...

We were very fortunate to have a fantastic teacher in Year 2 who realised Ben has great spatial ability and also struggled with literacy so she recommended the book 'The Gift of Dyslexia' to us. I had always thought Ben was dyslexic as he battled with reading; getting even little words wrong after sounding them out on the previous page - he had been doing phonics since the age of 3 and still hadn't got it. However he was not within the criteria to receive any extra help. We read the book and Ian (Ben's Dad) said it was the first book he had read that actually described the way he thought, and we could instantly see that it was how Ben worked too! He has an amazing imagination and now we knew why.

The book itself is quite a revelation; but I must admit the intensive course which is described at the back of the book seemed totally daunting to me and I wasn't sure Ben could grasp its abstract content. However after our first meeting with Evelyn we knew we had to give the course a 'go' and we found we could not have found a better 'Facilitator' in Evelyn. Ben was suddenly very proud and positive about his gift of 3 dimensional thinking! I was apprehensive regarding the intensity of the course but Ben did not once complain about doing the 6 hour days for 5 days over two weeks; he really enjoyed the experience and got on very well with Evelyn.

Since the course Ben has a much more relaxed approach to 'work'; something his current teacher has also commented on. Ben used to argue about doing any sort of literacy homework; but now he gets on with it. His teacher is also amazed at the improvement in his spellings, something he gained 3 house points for recently! It is great to be able to work through the spelling list with Ben in way that actually works! Ben now reads for pleasure; mainly Star Wars books, but also reads his allocated school book (approx 30 pages) in one night now. His spelling is improving slowly and I am sure that this will continue as he uses his new tools.

It really has been such a positive experience and such a relief as parents to be able to understand the way Ben works; everything was such a struggle for Ben before and now we can understand why. The amazing thing is that we can and must relax and just let Ben use the tools he has learnt from the Davis approach; it is great that he can now work in a way that is totally natural for him and utilises his 'gift'!

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