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Ron Davis with David

"Going to Evelyn has really helped me improve my reading and writing. I enjoyed going to Evelyn, because it is fun to learn with her. Also I very much liked the opportunity to go and meet Ron Davis, because his method has really helped me get through my years at school."

Feedback and Testimonials

When George came for a Davis programme in 2013 he was completely blocked when it came to writing anything at school (anything which didn't come from his own sense of fun).

George, now 11, has passed an extended selection process of exams and interviews to gain a place at one of the top co-ed schools in the UK. Of course, it was George himself whose intelligence and hard work won him the place, but it's also true that he likely wouldn't have done it without the Davis intervention. It has certainly changed his life.

As his Mum I went from having a boy for whom I was looking at specialist schools and who no longer loved learning to a boy who now understands the language that everyone else is speaking and has been accepted at the number 1 co-educational school in the country .... that I am indebted to Ron Davis for his programme and to Evelyn as George's facilitator is an understatement!

George's Mum from Surrey
3 years after George's Davis Programme
June 2016, now Age 11

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